Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Dreamy Of My Zucchini Tomato Bread

It's fresh, it's light, it's healthy, it's yummy and perfect for this time of year. Quick and easy "You Dreamy Of My Zucchini Tomato Bread".
Hi Guy's!
I almost forgot about this delectable delight.  It's a recipe I created for KRAFT/RWOP when I was a Finalist
You need to try this!  Ya' get the crunchy bite of the toasted bread, the yummy warm goo of melted cheese and fresh zest of tomatoes!  Love it?    Let me know!!
Have a great week everyone~
You Dreamy Of My Zucchini Tomato Bread
Pre Heat Oven to 400

Fresh Loaf Five Grain Italian Bread
Few Tablespoons of Spreadable Philly Cream Cheese Artichoke & Cream Cheese Flavor
Couple Tablespoons Butter @ room temperature
A few dashes of Cracked Black Pepper, Sea Salt & Garlic Powder
One half of a Fresh Zucchini Squash shredded length wise in long strands
One whole fresh Tomato sliced thin
One half a can of Baby Artichoke Hearts – drained
Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Half cup or less of freshly grated or shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese


This is a great way to enjoy your fresh vegetables that are in season!  I find bread from my grocery store “fresh baked section” to be the better option for this wonderful Side Dish.

 Slice your Five Grain Italian Bread loaf in half, lengthwise.  Set aside the top half of the loaf for another meal time.  You will be using your bottom half of the loaf for this recipe.   Place your ½ loaf of bread bottom side down onto a cookie sheet.  Spread softened butter on open face side of the loaf from one end to the other.  Sprinkle a little garlic powder over the butter layer..  Now spread an even layer of your Artichoke Spinach Cream cheese over top the butter {don’t be stingy!}.  Let’s take your ½ can of baby artichokes and slice each one in half lengthwise.
Place the artichokes flat-side down to end on the length-wise border of your open faced bread. In the center of your bread within the borders of the artichoke hears, begin covering the surface of your bread with the shredded zucchini, but do not cover the artichokes with the zucchini.  Lay your sliced tomatoes on top of the zucchini in a straight line, lapping over each tomato slice just slightly with another tomato slice.  Now sprinkle the entire top with sea salt and cracked pepper, the drizzle with E.V.O.O.  Next sprinkle your Parmesan cheese over the entire bread top.  Place bread on middle rack of oven.  Should take about 2-3 minutes until cheese is melted and there is a nice crisp on the bread crust.  WOW.  Delicious!