Monday, August 30, 2010

South Beach Meets Maryland Crab App's.

When you taste this gorgeous appetizer be sure to capture a little taste of all the ingredients in one bite! Enjoy the richness of the crab and the many texture levels within thedish, it's just so sexy! How can you not love the sweetness of the mango against the spices and jalapeno, then cooled down by the silky avocado & therichness of the crab! Simply, delicious.

This recipe is versitile! Serve it for a swanky dinner party in a Martini glass likeI featured.
Layer this beauty in a clear dish so you can see the gorgeous colors with pita triangles for the party and everyone scoops!
Once you have assembled the layers, scoop out a tablespoon full keeping it layered, place in a mini puff pastry shell or phyllo dough shell cup, you purchased from the freezer section of your grocery store. Then you have individual App's for the crowd!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fresh Clams & Spaghetti!

Hey Everybody!

Ya just have to notice the delicious dish of Clams & Spaghetti to the left side of this blog... "do you see it"? Looks yummy, huh?! Well it was simply mah-va -lous! And heres a cute story to go with those clams and the pix, followed by the recipe.

So here I am, after scrubbing the clams and steaming those little beauties to perfection, I start plating our dinner. My husband walks into the kitchen, totally bedazzled...say's WOW! Cath you need to get a photo of this for your blog! Well the steam is all up and in my face, the microwave is dinging telling me the pasta is ready and has been warmed up. I'm clanking clams out of the steamer for plate # 2 and I reply..."Babe", how bout' you grab a cloth napkin, set the place setting, get the camera, fix the lighting correctly, pose the plate at a great angle and take the pix for me. "Sure" was the reply. He was totally pleased with himself, said it was a great shot. I smiled and kissed him thanks, we enjoyed every morsel and then I downloaded his pix.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cranberry Bogs Forever!!

Hey all 43 of you!!! ^-^ Ya have to start from somewhere right??

So my blog is kind of growing up stories of my own as a McNeal, current kitchen moments and my own Hazzard-ous Family Tales.

Current kitchen moments: Ive been whipping up new creations left and right, seven recipe entree's in all, and thats just with cranberries. Ocean Spray Cranberry was running a create a recipe contest that needed to will never guess. Cranberries. Yes, imagine that. Fortunately for me - I love the ruby redberry. After 7 Cranberry dishes I must say my skin tone was taking on a crimson glow all it's own. Kidding, just kidding! This contest did not require photographs, just ingenious new ways to take on the cranberry, or the cran juice, or jellied cranberries or craisins.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogging Again

Trust me. I have not forgotten you all! I m anxious to get back to blogging. The problem is... and there is NO "whine-wine~~" here.. Im in the middle of 2 recipe contest. Intense. Between family life, a full time job then cooking-photos of food and photos of me..which means hair makeup each time we put it together... "If they saw me al' natural..they would go runnin'!!
Anyway, if your new to my blog clickdown on the left and right corridors of this main page for some cool pixs and a few recipes. I currently have recipes stacked up to the ceiling waiting to arrive on my blog. However, my writing wings are clipped for that sort of thing til the contests have been judged.

Here s hoping you all get to knew me when!
I'll be back.