Thursday, June 9, 2011

Homemade Focaccia Bread

Can you imagine hot from the oven - homemade, Asiago Focaccia Bread??  Well it takes 18 hours from start to finish. 
Kate my daughter is a "master of the bread making category".  The results are exquisite.  A pad of butter melting into the glorious air holes on a slice of warm Focaccia will have you salivating with sweet anticipation~!
Amazing work  Katie... and bread just disappeared in two days!

Thanks Mom!!! I will take it from here. This is Hazzard #2!!! 

Focaccia Bread is a very Time Consuming. My Bread takes at least 18hrs. (Always Keep Track of Times) ^__^ I find bread making very calming. And this bread proves that simpler can be better!!! I am going to give you my most FABULOUS TOP SECRET RECIPE. Now this is not your everyday persons recipe, this is in grams and will need a gram scale. ( This is a True Bakers Recipe) This recipe makes one big sheet pan Foccacia Bread. Also Remember TIME is Very Important with bread!!!

Poolish (This is a starter dough)
Ingredients: (you can use Active Yeast)
Bread Flour 333.3
Water 70F 333.3
Yeast Instant 1g
Step 1:  Use 70F water and the yeast and stir till completely dissolved.
Step 2: Combine all of the above ingredients and blend together to a smooth consisntency.
Step 3: Cover so that no crust can form. (saran wrap also write time on it)
Step 4: Allow to ferment at room temp over night.
Notes: The ideal scenario would be eight hours at 68F. But in a classroom environment the time is longer so the amount of yeast has to be reduced. Good rule of thumb is that if the poolish is going to mature for 18 hrs reduce the mount of yeast by 25%.  Try not to let it go over 18 hr mark.

Final Dough
Bread Flour 620g
Water 102 F if using a Hobart mixer, if using ABS 5 degrees (using a kitchen aid be sure to give your mixer time to cool or you can burn the engine out.) less 410g
Yeast 6.6g
Salt 18.3g
Poolish 666.9g
Step 1: Place water, poolish, yeast, salt, flour in vertical mixer. Mix on 1st speed for 6 minutes. (medium if using Kitchen aid) Mix on 2nd speed for 1 minute.
Step 2: If using ABS mixer, mix all of the above ingredients on the first speed for 3 minutes. Mix on 2nd speed for 1 minute. (may take more than 10 minutes) Or until dough is picking up. (that is when dough picks up from the sides of the mixing bowl) 
Step 3: Place dough in oiled(spray oil is fine) container making sure that the internal dough temperature in 75F. If not place in a warm environment till desired temp is achieved.  Cover dough and write time on saran wrap. 
Step 4: In an ideal situation the dough will get one stretch and fold every 45 minutes.
Step 5: Three to four stretch and folds over the duration of 3 hrs.
Step 6: If dough still touches all four sides of the bins then another stretch and fold is necessary.
Step 7: Total time of bulk fermentation should not exceed 3 hrs.
Step 8: Place dough in full oiled (spray oil is fine) Sheet Pan, without parchment!!
Step 9: Work dough to the edge of the pan. When dough resists, let it rest for 10 min. Work dough to Edges.
Step 10: Let dough Proof (or rest while covered) for 20-30 min. 
Step 11: Bake at 410F in convection oven for a minimum of 30 min. ( I Bake it  for 15min then sprinkle on Ramano Shredded Cheese and Shredded Asiago Cheese.)

Man... My fingers are tired!!! If you survived this blog and recipe you should get a Gold Star! ^__^ This is the 2nd Hazzard Over and Out...