Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cashew Cranberry Brownies

Admit it.  Sometimes a "boxed mix"is just as good or better then a from scratch recipe!
This statement just sooo holds true with Ghirardelli Brownie Mix.  I am insanely in LOVE with the Dark Chocolate mix offered by Ghirardelli!! 
Oh wait... let me set the record straight here!!! I have not in anyway been contacted by the Brand, nor am I promo'ing it.  This just happens to be my most favorite and my families favorite Brownies ever!   You seriously need to give it a whirl.  I guarantee you perfect, moist, rich delicious Brownies!
I whipped up these gems to send along with my husband for his co-workers which just happen to be overseas at this time!  YEA... these delicious chocolate delights are traveling 1/2 way around the world on a jet plane, as I speak.
I jut know the "guys" are gonna love this combo of Cashews, Cranberries, White Chocolate Bits and moist delicious Dark Chocolate Brownies!!  So YUMM.  The Cranberries add a nice tartness to the chocolate richness.
The recipe is on the side of the box and is super easy.  I did substitute cashews for the recipe item of pecans...simply because that's what I had in my kitchen cabinets.  Tweek it, you will love it.  Enjoy - enjoy!!!

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