Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogging Again

Trust me. I have not forgotten you all! I m anxious to get back to blogging. The problem is... and there is NO "whine-wine~~" here.. Im in the middle of 2 recipe contest. Intense. Between family life, a full time job then cooking-photos of food and photos of me..which means hair makeup each time we put it together... "If they saw me al' natural..they would go runnin'!!
Anyway, if your new to my blog clickdown on the left and right corridors of this main page for some cool pixs and a few recipes. I currently have recipes stacked up to the ceiling waiting to arrive on my blog. However, my writing wings are clipped for that sort of thing til the contests have been judged.

Here s hoping you all get to say................you knew me when!
I'll be back.

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