Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentine's Day! I packed a heart felt lunch, OK.  Breakfast too, for the man I love~

Visualize a room full of jet mechanics when you open that lunch sack and find heart shaped gingerbread pancakes.  Wait next stop Sun-dried Tomato Cajun Chicken Wraps - yes, one of them cut into a big HEART shape. ..wink.  Last but not least dessert. True love.  That would be Raspberry Lemon Love Notes.  I can not wait to hear the reactions in the lunch room, when my guy starts taking out all he heart shapes this Valentines Day.
P.S. I am a wee-bit behind schedule chatting with you about my Philly trip.  Hopefully I'll get back to you all this week.  Life IS full ya' all.   
                                         ***PART II***
So easy!  OMG on Spaghetti Pie - heart shaped for "that special day in February" add a bottle of red & your ready to go. Yes - it was Savory Garlic Cooking Creme infused. Fantastic!! 
This Little Cooker Lady was also busy making my daughter Katie and Surprise Lunch. Before she headed off to work!
 Her Fav Roast Beef Sandwich in a Cute lil Heart Shape!!!!
 And Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!! You know it's that time of year here in Fl where strawberries are coming into season!
I hope All you lovely's out there had a wonderful Valentine's day to! <3


  1. I'm sure he will be the envy of them all!
    Love it!
    Happy Valentine's Day! xo

  2. Did he LOVE it Cathy? Tell all...

  3. I love ALL your beautiful ideas for Valentines day, but my favorite is that Heart Shaped Spaghetti Pie. Oh man I want some right NOW!! Have I missed the recipe somewhere. I'm ready to make it and dive in. YUM!!!!