Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Campbells Cook Off- Part II

Hazzard shenanigans -recipes- general chatter..it's been a while.  Came back from my Campbell's Cook Off week and it seemed like I just couldn't catch up.  Life is good, life is full, especially when your a "Hazzard".
I really think it captured the experience and highlights the fun we had when all of you visited us!  Here is the link to the YouTube Video.
While it is still fresh in my pea-pickin' brain, I am going to give you a real quick peek at my week in PA and the surrounding areas, friends and family I re-connected with {thank you Campbell's!}.  As you know from my previous blog post Campbell's was a wonderful experience.  After the three  Finalist completed their "Campbell's Store Shopping Spree" we said our good byes and headed on our way to airports and train stations.  I had a "Driver & A Car" to take me from Campbell's Headquarters to the train station.  I had made plans to rent a car and head an hour and a half away from Philly to N.J. and have dinner and drinks with my MIL.  Her name is Chris and without a doubt one of the kindest people that walk this earth.  My sister in law joined us from Maryland, her name is Johanna.
Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner in Mt. Holly NJ, where the food was French-Meets American Cuisine!
If you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods, you simply must stop by, even if its just for dessert and coffee. Totally charming!                        2 Washington Street
                                     Mount Holly, NJ 08060
                                       Phone# 609.261.6149
                                        Fax # 609.261.9628
Sooo of course being the total Foodie that I am, I was indeed taking pictures of our meals that evening.
I had the fabulous Homemade Ravioli stuffed with Sweet Pumpkin and Creamy Ricotta Cheese, tossed in a Gorgonzola Cream Sauce topped with Toasted pine Nuts.  The two other Entrees that arrived at our table were: Roasted Rack Of Lamb & Shrimp Alfredo with pasta.  Just outstanding, it was a great evening for just the girls!

I spent the night in NJ and headed back to Penn Station the next day where I was to catch a train to Harrisburg PA, but first I was meeting my dear friend Anne.  We have been friends for over 30 years, that's a long time!.  We worked together for TWA back in the day, were married just 7 days apart from each others wedding dates, and get this we delivered our first born children in the same hospital, 3 days apart.  How's that for timing?  Anyway, Anne took the train in from Villanova where she works and met me for lunch and a glass of wine, right in the station. I am remiss to say I forgot to jot down the name of the restaurant, BUT I did have the waiter take a pix of the two of us.  We spent a great 3 hours together, just chatting away like there was never a lapse in time from the last time we got together.
I had a great train ride from Philly to Harrisburg through snow cover hillsides, farms and clapboard houses. 
I have forgotten how beautiful the are is.  I had also forgotten how dang' cold it gets!  That evening we arrived at my brother Steve's house, had a great dinner with my Mom and my other brother Ed {I have 8- yes, 8 brothers!!}.  Steve had made a beautiful loaf of homemade Italian Bread..it was simply to die for.  He had slow- roasted a beautiful roast of beef - called Tri Tip Roast. Something I wasn't familiar with but planning on  "finding that exact item" somewhere here in Florida.  This roast comes in a marinade and packaged in a vacuum sealed package by Morton's!  It truly was tremendous, and what a great evening!  There is nothing like getting together with family.  The next day my Mom and I spent the day together, catching up, laughing and chatting.  She is another person I just don't see often enough.  What an amazing woman she is.  That evening my sister Jeanne came into town from Baltimore area, which is about 2 1/2 hours from Harrisburg.  The plan was out to dinner, with "just the girls" spend one more night in Harrisburg and then head to Baltimore for another extended stay and family roundup!  On the way from Harrisburg to Baltimore we stopped at the in-famous Wegman's Market.  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!  It is huge.  It is sooo big the market has it's own sit-down Eatery, and the food is amazing, great quality.  Well, it just happens to be my brother David manages Wegman's Eatery which seats 400 in Hunt Valley, MD.  Can I tell you how surprised he was to see us "stop by"!  We had a quick lunch with him, did our grocery shopping and hit the trail blazing to Baltimore, our next stop.  I spent a great 3 nights with my sister Jeanne and her family.  Over the weekend I was there we planned another family gathering of Aunts, Uncles, brother and sisters.  What a great time, eating drinking and laughing so hard we cried!!    Within my family of 10 siblings, there are just 3 girls, myself, Jeanne & Patty.   After the family party that evening Patty decided to spend the night rather then drive back to  Delaware.  What a great time "we three sisters  had.. til 3 a.m. that morning.  A  PJ Party to remember.  Just the three of us.  So, so much fun. I miss my sisters living near by. :{

I had planned a day in D.C. to visit with 2 of my fantastic RWOP gals {Real Woman Of Philadelphia - that was with Sheila & Annette.  We had  great evening of laughing, wining and dining.  Fantastic food and fantastic company!  Thank you so much Jeanne" for  "Driving Miss Daisy"- what a wonderful trip!!

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  1. Wow, what a trip you had! Talk about a whirlwind time you had, that is clear by reading all you did during that short pan of time! I loved reading about it because you made me feel like I was there with you. Your old friend and you look like sisters, did anyone ever tell you guys that? That was so nice you and she have had such a remarkable friendship and shared so many special moments with each other. And I did not realize you came from such a big family either until now! Geez, you had lots of brothers! Have had only 2 to tease me, that must have been lots of fun! LOL!!! And your mom sounds like a wonderful lady indeed! You are a chip off the ole block it sounds like to me! Love you!