Saturday, July 31, 2010

So... A few - Classic Hazzard Style Stories.

Ya know what? I should be a spokes-person for Kitchen Aide! MY K.A. is 29 years young. Last year for a Xmas present surprise, from my son Jonathan the {aircraft painter} he took apart my K.A. one afternoon un-benounced to me. He intensely cleaned all of her. Then he took each PART and hung it on strings fron the garage ceiling, so parts were readily available for his paint gun. His surprise for me would be the face lift Miss K.A. sorely needed. She was soon to be a gal sporting a new stainless steel silver look, courtesy of my son the aircraft painter. So, what use to be a tired ivory chipped paint on that BAD GIRL was soon to be rejuvenated. Yea!! It went like this: I pulled into the drive way that particular afternoon after shopping , and beheld the strangest site of metal parts dangling on strings as they slowly twirled in the brilliant sun light and soft breeze. I had NO IDEA it was my Kitchen Aide. As I got out of the car and walked closer to the garage I realized I was staring face to face with my Kitchen Aide seperated into many parts and gleeming in the sunlight. I thought to myself what the H... is going on? LOL. It was my KA- in the shop for a face lift. She now looks brand new and YES...still runs like a Champ.

BTW.. WE are a 3 K.A. family. We gave Kate an American Breast Cancer edition of the K.A. for her garduation gift from college a few years ago. It s a lovely soft pink and sits proudly on her apartments kitchen counter 365 days a year. Jonathan our son also owns a KA. Now that's another story You see-John-the husband person...he's basicly a "Junk Yard Dog" - was driving past the neighbors house on "trash collection day" and sitting proudly by the curbside was a K.A. 4 QT mixer.. a much newer version then mine, hardly broken in. He of course brought it home. In a matter of five minutes time John had diagnosed her problem. The gal had a few worn out gears {happens to the best of us!}. We ordered them thru K.A. and she s been humming a sweet tune for Jonathan ever since.

My K.A. is waiting with bated breath~for the next day and the next day and the next day. She is eternal.

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