Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DONNA.. The Campbell s GIVEAWAY Winner... 22comments! YEA..

O M G Donna~!~!~1  YOU are the very  lucky winner of the Campbell Shopping Spree! YOU are JUST Mmmmmmmm- Mmmmmm  Good-Lucky! BIG Campbells grin.
Yea Donna you left a whopping 22 comments about the Campbells Ultimate Football Challenge using Swanson's Chunk Chicken in my Empenada recipe..  And JUST LOOK WHAT IT GOT YOU!! WOW..  A big box of over $200 of shopping spree extravaganza... I m so excited to have been "the shopper" of great stuff you will love in your kitchen. 

NOW........... when you receive the box of goodies being shipped directly to you from Campbells I want it to be like a "Kitchen Christmas" morning!  Sooo guess what, I'm not telling you WHAT is in the box!
 YEA...!~! BUT I would really like my Readers to see the  wonderful goodies you receive.  So how bout' this...when you receive your prize- how bout you take pix of your Campbells Kitchen Giveaway - send me n email with the pix, and we will post it on the site.  OMG-  jealousy we will abound!
PS..HEY -You all  - DID YA KNOW Campbells owns Pepperidge Farms, Pace Salsa's & formerly Godiva's?  Yes - and GODIVA is still in their store... yummm.
SO Donna send  me your mailing address please.  Respond within 24 hours of this posting and acknowledge the win.  THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE WIN... to avoid forfeiture...Awaiting your response.

Much thanks for your devotion and cheerleading me through the Cook Off.

Note - as stated before - Hazzard in the Kitchen did not receive payment in any form for conducting this GiveAway...[see disclosure] in past posting.


  1. OMG Kathy! I AM THE LUCKY ON!!!!!

    Thank you for shopping for me! I cannot wait to see what you picked out for me too! With your good taste, I know whatever I recieve will be wonderful!

    I will private message you with my mailing info too!

    And yes, I would be honored to take a picture of my loot so everyone can see just how lucky I was!

    Love you Sticky Buns and thank you so much!

  2. I was so excited, I spelling your name with a "K"! Sorry!!!