Tuesday, January 18, 2011

While The Cat's Away...

This mouse will play! Oh Yeah... Mom is on her way to the Campbell's  Blogger Super Bowl Showdown! GO TEAM HAZZARD! HUZZAH!!!

So while she's out of town I thought it would fun to post pictures of her latest cooking video. For the Kraft: Savory Garlic Cooking Creme.  Oh yes you will finally see the "Man Behind the Curtain!" that would be a Good Friend and Old Coworker Victor!!! Isn't he the hottest camera guy ever! LOL ^__~

 Love Hazzard Squared


Well I just heard from Mom. And I am Sad to say She did not win!!! TT__TT But She Had the TIME OF HER LIFE!!! Mom and the other Bloggers will be on Philly News Tonight! Go MOM!!!! Thank you all for cheering her on. *Hugs*


  1. Cute Camera guy!!! and you and the kitchen look incredible. So pulling for you Cathy.

  2. Thanks for the posting to update on Sticky Buns cook-off at Campbell's in PA! As I told Cathy, she is ALREADY a winner in my book! I am so happy to know she is having such a good time and I hope that fun continues on until she gets back home and into another project. Hugs to her and whoever made that posting above to let us readers know. :-)

  3. Duh, it had to be you Katie! Thank you fir making the posting!

  4. Wow, Cathy! Lovin' the camera guy. You lucky girl! I am am sad to hear that you didn't win, but I know you just rocked it!!! You are a shining star and sooner or later, you are going to get that win! Glad to hear you had a blast. As if you would do anything without making it fun! *HUGS*

  5. Donna- Lol... It was I Katie who posted it. great detective work!!!! ^__^

    Lady Nann- Lol. I'm gonna tell him you thought he was cute!

    Lindsay- She is one lucky lady! lol She is having a great time. And using this ticket to visit family and friends.