Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thai Tuna Taco

Hey Guys!
Here are some pix of our "Gilligan's Island weekend" enjoying this gorgeous Florida weather {bragging rights..}.  Yep that's me "Mary Ann with my honey Gilligan", he's the tall eye candy with the black ballcap on.  We are with our good friends Mark & Debbie {aka- Skipper & Ginger}.  Can I tell you what a great day it is when we hope on the boat, go 2 minutes down the waterway on the Sebastian River.  We pirate a uninhabited Island, anchor about knee high from the shore line bring in chairs, little tables, drinks and snacks...and that's the way we spend the day.  AWESOME.. it is paradise.  We are so lucky.

 Thai Tuna Taco

Prep Time: 15 Minutes from start to table

Makes: 6-8 Tacos
1 12 oz. can  Chunk Light Tuna - packed in water - drained
1 Pkg  Low Carb Soft Taco Wraps
1 10 oz. bag Angel Hair Cole-Slaw Cabbage
1 fresh Mango - diced
1 cup Red Onion - rough chopped
1 cucumber-peeled cut into matchstick size
1/2 Tsp. Red Pepper Flakes more for added spice
1/2 cup Dry Roasted Peanuts Chopped
1/4 cup Lite Mayo and a pinch of sugar
1 Tblsp Vinegar {I prefer Rice Vinegar, you can use apple or plain vinegar too}
1/2 Cup of Ken's Steak House - Asian Sesame with Ginger & Soy Lite Salad Dressing

Optional: { Kick it up a bit with an extra Tblsp each of chopped garlic and fresh ginger.]
1.You will need 2 mixing bowls. In 1st bowl blend the Mayo, pinch of sugar and vinegar together. Then add in the bag of Cole Slaw Cabbage- mix and sprinkle red pepper flakes on top. Set aside. In 2nd bowl add drained tuna {"breaking it up with your hands},chopped red onion, {the extra ginger and garlic if you have it}, and 1/2 cup of the salad dressing.
Mix well.
2. In the center of each taco wrap place a line of the slaw mixture, op top of it a line of the tuna mixture, then a handful of mango topped with chopped peanuts. Wa- La! A super meal!
After a great weekend it's back to the grind stone. I'm always whipping up some quick dinner ideas for FAST FOOD HAZZARD STYLE MEALS.  Here's one of our favorites,a really quick easy healthy dinner idea.  Personally, I fall back on this kind of recipe pretty often!  Especially late office nights, or just nights I want to go really healthy and easy.  Ya see -"really healthy"often happens for me  after a sinful foodie day and I just need to reign it in a bit, or possibly a few days of my jeans  feeling a little less comfortable then usual.  Seriously, I do keep it healthy most of the time just because it makes you feel better, look better and  should keep you walking on this earth  just a little longer!  Now, it's not to say I won't be hitting the freezer looking for ice cream later in the evening...LOL
P.S. Do notice the "optional desert" I've posted of gorgeous juicy peaches, raspberries and blackberries, they were just out of this world!! BUT funny thing, the chocolate ganache cupcakes and mini creme filled puffs flew off the counter top at our party...and the fresh fruit just sat there waiting and waiting and waiting to disappear! GO FIGURE.
Have a great week everyone! 


  1. So funny and sounds great! I really love your main pic- the fruit looks fantastic!

  2. I agree with Nicole, that fruit looks fantastic! But I am the first to admit that if I could choose between fruit and a baked good, the baked good would win out! What a great time you guys had in paradise! Looked and sounded like a whole lot of fun and R & R!