Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DONNA.. The Campbell s GIVEAWAY Winner... 22comments! YEA..

O M G Donna~!~!~1  YOU are the very  lucky winner of the Campbell Shopping Spree! YOU are JUST Mmmmmmmm- Mmmmmm  Good-Lucky! BIG Campbells grin.
Yea Donna you left a whopping 22 comments about the Campbells Ultimate Football Challenge using Swanson's Chunk Chicken in my Empenada recipe..  And JUST LOOK WHAT IT GOT YOU!! WOW..  A big box of over $200 of shopping spree extravaganza... I m so excited to have been "the shopper" of great stuff you will love in your kitchen. 

NOW........... when you receive the box of goodies being shipped directly to you from Campbells I want it to be like a "Kitchen Christmas" morning!  Sooo guess what, I'm not telling you WHAT is in the box!
 YEA...!~! BUT I would really like my Readers to see the  wonderful goodies you receive.  So how bout' this...when you receive your prize- how bout you take pix of your Campbells Kitchen Giveaway - send me n email with the pix, and we will post it on the site.  OMG-  jealousy we will abound!
PS..HEY -You all  - DID YA KNOW Campbells owns Pepperidge Farms, Pace Salsa's & formerly Godiva's?  Yes - and GODIVA is still in their store... yummm.
SO Donna send  me your mailing address please.  Respond within 24 hours of this posting and acknowledge the win.  THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE WIN... to avoid forfeiture...Awaiting your response.

Much thanks for your devotion and cheerleading me through the Cook Off.

Note - as stated before - Hazzard in the Kitchen did not receive payment in any form for conducting this GiveAway...[see disclosure] in past posting.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

While The Cat's Away...

This mouse will play! Oh Yeah... Mom is on her way to the Campbell's  Blogger Super Bowl Showdown! GO TEAM HAZZARD! HUZZAH!!!

So while she's out of town I thought it would fun to post pictures of her latest cooking video. For the Kraft: Savory Garlic Cooking Creme.  Oh yes you will finally see the "Man Behind the Curtain!" that would be a Good Friend and Old Coworker Victor!!! Isn't he the hottest camera guy ever! LOL ^__~

 Love Hazzard Squared


Well I just heard from Mom. And I am Sad to say She did not win!!! TT__TT But She Had the TIME OF HER LIFE!!! Mom and the other Bloggers will be on Philly News Tonight! Go MOM!!!! Thank you all for cheering her on. *Hugs*

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Soooo. very- krazy exciting!

HEY Ya' all! This is very krazy kool!! So excited!
I received my letter from Kraft Foods! The new Real Women of Philadelphia Cook Book will  have MY winning recipe,  Just Peachy Pecan Pie published in THE COOKBOOK !!!  Yea!! My category was National/International Desserts, and I won first round in November 2010 in the Cream Cheese Cooking Contest on the website http://www.realwomenofphiladelphia.com/.  OH... plus a nice fat check of $500.00 for the recipe itself.


Next stop...Philadelphia! Thats Wednesday the 19th of January 2011.  It's the Ultimate Football Challenge Cook Off sponsored by Campbells!  Three FoodBloggers will battle to the finish in the cookoff happening in front of a panel of judges~! Wish me luck.  Let's rock Philly & the sweet folks from Swanson's with my End Zone Empanadas & Pablano/Red Pepper Dipping Creme Sauce.  Say- YUMM!  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Homemade Pecan Sticky Buns

Homemade Pecan Sticky Buns
What's warm, gooey, sweet, sticky and delicious? 
Answer: - Pecan Sticky Buns!  
Yes.  They are homemade.  There are shortcuts  to be used like     not making your dough from scratch.  I take advantage of this, always. Frozen bread dough work just as beautifully as my home-made  rise and rest and rise again version.  Use tender loving care with the slathering of melted butter, hand fulls of brown sugar, sprinkling of cinnamon  onto your rolled out dough, then roll the filled dough into a long loaf shape, slice into 1/2 inch slices and you will  have delightful pinwheels of goodness.  You place these lovelies  into the baking pan, But not until you have melted and blended together into  the hot sizzling baking pan butter and brown sugar. Bake  in the oven for a few minutes until sticky.  That's when you remove the pan from the head, and form a solid layer of pecans into the sticky brown gooeyness. Yumm!!! Let it cool a few seconds, Then begin placing your pinwheel buns into the baking pan and bake them til golden. You cant imagine just how yummy delicious these are!  Break out the coffee, and savor each bite! 
My Pecan Sticky Buns are an annual baking event for every Christmas morning.  Try them some time  you will be a huge hit!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yea!!!WootWoot- I'm a Finalist Ultimate Football Challenge Campbell's Kitchen- COOK OFF for my-End Zone Empanada's

I will get to go on a $250 shopping spree at the Campbell's Kitchen store for one of you!!  Keep those comments coming.. it is YOU that can win the SHOPPING SPREE! Campbells will be flying me to Philly for the Final Show Down Competition - Cooking Off in front of Campbells Judges.  So lets knock em out of the Football Field! Yea..gang!! You helped with your comments - and it ain't over yet..Stay tuned, my win is your win.. keep the comments coming.  JAN 18TH is the fly date to Philly for me.