Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ginger-Citrus Stir Fry

Hey All !

Tonight was delicious! Quick, but delicious. I tossed a marinated Flank Steak on the grill, sliced up the rest of the Watermelon from the 4th of July picnic we had with friends. Made some Oven Roasted Eggplant Medallions - {healthy & delicious}, And a quickie Stir Fry. I don't know about your house but nothing and I mean nothing ever goes to waste when it comes to left-overs. So in the refrig. was some leftover steamed rice and that became the reason to have a Stir Fry Side Dish tonight. Wow...my husband John was licking the plate. Here's the recipe and a pix. I'm counting on getting better at Food Photo s as time goes on... bear with me - I'm new at this Blogger Game! BUT a Pro at Cookin',my friends.
Wishing you all Great Meals & Great Energy! XXXOO Cath {Sticky Buns!}

Prep Time: 10 Minutes maybe
Cook Time: 10 Minutes or less

3 Cups Steamed Rice
2 Tblsp. fresh Ginger - finely chopped
3 Tblsp. EVOO
1 Tblsp. sweet Red Bell Pepper - chopped
3 Tblsp. chopped Onion
6 chunks of Pineapple - diced {I used fresh...leftovers}
Red Pepper Flakes - a dash
1/4 Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1/4 Cup diced Eggplant {peeled , yep. leftovers}
1 Cup Green Beans {yep. more leftovers}
1 Cup Fresh Snow Peas
A quick squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Handful chopped dry roasted Almonds

*NOTE: It's not the bible for the ingredients! Just go with the flow that you have in your refrig. I do think the fresh ginger is key in the receipe though.

Over medium high heat warm a large non stick skillet. Toss in the EVOO til warm. Start tossing in the onion, ginger, sweet red bell pepper, egpplant & the snow peas. Stir a bit til onion is translucent. Toss in your rice, stir. Then add in the soy sauce - stir again til blended and brown. Add in the pineapple,green beans, and red pepper flakes. Give it another stir, if it seems to have dried out a bit, just lower the heat temperature and add a few tablespoons of water, or soy sauce - whatever makes it pop. Once blended your ready for a quick hand squeeze of fresh lemon. Now plate it, top your dish with the chopped almonds and Wah-La! Dig in - Yumm!


  1. This has to be what I make this weekend!!!

  2. Yum!! Love the sweet of the pineapple w/ a little spice. We'll have to try this!:)