Monday, July 19, 2010

So..I was a McNeal long before I was a Hazzard

Hey Everyone! I am so a "Hazzard"! But before that day happened I was a McNeal for 29 years. Yes, the first daughter in a family of 11 kids. Eight brothers, two sisters. I have a life full of funny storIes growing up with so many siblings. When I was contemplating my next recipe for Hazzard In The Kitchen, I thought I would treat you to a "cupcake size" bite of: Not So Cheaper By The Dozen, Minus One!

So.. my brothe Eddie {11 months younger then I} would sleep like a rock when we were kids and he hated to have us wake him up. Life would have been safer with an alarm clock, trust me. Ed knew my Mom would send one of us Un-Volunteer's up to his room to wake him. So before he would go to sleep he would line up his boots and shoes by the bedside. The moment you cracked open that door to say: "Ed it s time to wake up", his reflexes were in warped gear! Shoes and boots would come flying at the door the moment you said his name. You just never knew what you were in for. If it wasn't flying shoes it was a booby-trapped door. Ed would rig the door with twine so when it opened, big old tin coffee cans would fall on top of you. Always an A+ for creativity...

So lets talk Cupcakes. It s a whole new chocolate cupcake Kate {my daughter and I created}.

We brought chocolate cupcakes to a whole new level. It began as a mistake and turned into an Ahhh moment. Recipe below the pix!

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