Monday, July 5, 2010


I Had The Time Of My Life! No... I mean really, really the time of my life. And trust me when I tell all of you, I have already done a lot of living!! I like to think of my life as fine wine that just keeps getting better.
Or a wonderfully seasoned dish that just gets better, and better and better. That's me.
Hi, my name is Cathy Hazzard and YES, YES!!! It WAS me! I just "knew" you would know - grin!!
I was a Finalist in the Paula Deen/ Kraft Philly Cream Cheese Cook Off, held in Savannah Georgia, June 30th 2010. Here's the website to the contest:
My category was Side Dish. My dish was Shrimp Corn Chowder, its on this Blog Page. The very coolest part of MY being selected you see for the Cook Off, would be the fact, I did not have to do multiple entries to be selected as one out of 6000 videos. That's because my Cooking Video was the very FIRST one selected in the very first round of 8 rounds of the 16 total Finalist. Yep. Quite the accomplishment, huh?!
So right now, just 5 days after the competition I am still floating out there past the clouds. Chauffeured cars, dark tinted windows, five star hotel, private tours, ultimate dining experiences, meeting Paula & Uncle Bubba and Brandon, Paula' s assistant & Jamie Deen, her son. The list goes on. Plus the honorable moments - one on one time with Paula in the KITCHEN chatting with each of us during the Cook Off. It really was a magical four days. I will carry this experience in my pocket next to my heart, always. Was I the winner in my category? Nope. But don't you worry, it's like American Idol ya know. Often the Runner's Up take home the bigger prize! So I am just waiting for my next adventure to begin, who knows what doors this will open. I will be posting my photos of my trip to Savannah tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I have started this BLOG & TWITTER, and it's all new to me!.
I decided I have a lot to share and a lot to say. Blogging will be a great outlet for both of these items.
When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm a Travel Agent. I know a bunch about everywhere in the world. I want to share with you some of my travel thoughts, ideas, recipes and better yet, regional recipes from all the United States and the rest of the world. As a mater of fact we can just scan the globe with recipes indicative of areas. Doesn't that sound like such a cool thing to be a part of? So I hope you join me, send me ideas and recipes too, for each area we touch base on.

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